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Santa Barbara Wedding Photographer – Karen and Michel Part 2 – Montecito Beach Wedding

I am pleased now to present part 2 of Karen and Michel’s gorgeous Santa Barbara beach wedding. If you missed it, you can see part 1 of their beautiful day here.

This day was simply amazing from start to finish. Karen and her family and friends created the perfect DIY wedding and I will always remember how much fun it was documenting their special day. Karen wrote this synopsis and it tells their story much better than I ever could:

From the beginning, planning our wedding seemed to be a near impossible task. My husband and I currently live in The Netherlands. He is Dutch and I’m American (originally from California). After he asked me to marry him, we had to first decide where to get married. After a few months of discussion we finally decided on California. He liked the idea of a wedding on the beach, which isn’t really possibly here with restrictions and the weather) and I liked the idea of having a traditional American ceremony. Of course this meant that we would have to plan the whole thing from 6,000 miles away. Not an easy task! We decided the best thing to do was keep it simple, intimate and relaxed. We wanted a simple, whimsical, and colorful environment in which to celebrate our marriage. We chose colors that fit the whimsical theme (Aqua and Red) and found fabric to match which my aunt used to make flag banners and table cloths. We bought the flowers the day before the wedding at a local market where they sold locally grown flowers and arranged them ourselves into mason jars and 2nd hand vases the night before. I designed and printed the dessert & beverage table tags while still at home in Holland and brought them with me. I wanted to get as many things 2nd hand as possible (to limit waste as well as to be cost effective) but obviously it was too difficult to get everything 2nd hand or vintage since I live so far away and had to buy some things online. Luckily I had a few friends in California scouting thrift store for things I had in mind for deco, mostly mason jars, platters, vases and dishes and they were able to find quite a few lovely finds, including some beautiful blue Ball mason jars. It looked beautiful and everyone had a blast! Having a small intimate wedding was really the best thing we could have done. It was relaxed, casual and really fun!”

Congratulations Karen and Michel on an unbelievable wedding day and thank you for making me a part of it.