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Santa Barbara Wedding Photographer – Travel Day – The Santa Barbara Mission

Last weekend’s wedding in Santa Barbara was beautiful in every way. Karen and Michel’s wedding on the beach in Montecito was an unforgettable experience – gorgeous details, wonderful friends and family – the perfect wedding day. We stayed overnight in Santa Barbara and decided to take Blake to the Santa Barbara Mission for a little travel day adventure. Blake has always been the perfect travel companion – happy to go anywhere and everywhere meeting each new experience with curiosity and excitement. At one point we passed by a small display of succulent plants growing happily in the sun. And although I’ve traveled to a lot of places and seen a lot of plants I was struck by the fact that I was sure I had never seen plants quite like some of these. The shapes and textures where simply fascinating and completely unexpected and reminded me that you never know what new experience is just around the corner. I snapped a couple of quick pictures and moved along. As we walked the halls of  the mission and looked at the historical displays I couldn’t help but think that these little moments are the memories that we will always treasure. Taking the time to spend the morning as a family is one of the best parts of doing what I do. I couldn’t be more grateful for my family and the time we share together. I hope I never forget to appreciate every day  and the little things that make it special. Happy Tuesday everyone :)